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    • Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program

      The Evergreen Indigenous advancement program is a development program, open only to Australians of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent, that provides training and work placement opportunities to develop your skills and provide a gateway to a dynamic and rewarding career in the ATO.

      On successful completion of the program, you may be advanced to the next classification level of APS3 which includes a pay rise. The program is only available on a full-time basis and you will remain an ongoing staff member on completion of the program.

      The program runs for 18 months and you will complete two nine-month work rotations. You will also complete regular training which will cover a wide variety of topics, including how government works, introduction to tax and superannuation and topics on professional development.

      You will be appointed a program manager at the start of your program, who will assist with your development and provide personalised advice on your career development and progression.

      For each work rotation you will have a designated rotation team leader who will guide and support you to learn the specific role you have been allocated as well as assist you in your overall professional development.

      Features of the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program include:

      • joining the ATO, a leader in tax administration
      • starting as an APS2 level on a permanent basis with a starting salary of over $50,000
      • a permanent job on successful completion of the program
      • taking part in an intensive, challenging 18-month full time program
      • receiving lots of training and development opportunities
      • experiencing two nine month work rotations
      • having support from a dedicated program manager, rotation team leaders and buddies
      • receiving excellent working conditions and great super benefits.

      On successful completion of the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program, you:

      • may be eligible for further advancement to the APS3 level
      • may receive formal recognition for completing the program
      • will continue to receive a wide range of employee benefits, including four weeks annual leave, annual salary advancement (dependent on satisfactory performance), flexible working hours and excellent superannuation benefits.
    • The role

      The Evergreen Indigenous Advancement program aims to build your knowledge and skills through a structured training and development program.

      The program will challenge you through a variety of work placements with different work types. You will also participate in a variety of development and training activities.

      The hours of work are full-time Monday to Friday with the possibility of rostered shifts in business areas with structured business environments.  

      Outlined below is a brief account of the three major work types and duties that participants undertake in a team environment.

      Compliance Officer  

      In this role you will undertake case work in various market segments and across revenue products to ensure taxpayers are meeting their obligations and complying with taxation legislation, regulations and standards.

      Tasks and activities conducted include but are not limited to:

      • reviewing and assessing taxation returns to determine compliance with legislative requirements;
      • conducting field, telephone and desk audits;
      • auditing compliance systems;
      • managing relationships with clients and stakeholders;
      • identifying compliance risks, developing and implementing improvement strategies to mitigate them; and
      • determining, imposing and reviewing penalties.

      Administration Officer  

      In this role you will ensure that the business function is well organised and supported effectively.

      Tasks and activities conducted include but are not limited to:

      • managing and maintaining records and information;
      • liaison and communication;
      • compiling and preparing documents, reports and correspondence;
      • general reporting;
      • data management; and
      • policy implementation.

      Client Experience Officer  

      In this role you will have a high level of client contact and undertake a range of procedural, operational and administrative customer service activities in a call centre environment across different areas of the ATO.

      Tasks and activities conducted include but are not limited to:

      • answering incoming enquiries;
      • providing technical advice across differing legislative, policy and procedural requirements;
      • communicating and negotiating with clients and stakeholders to resolve a broad range of customer service enquiries received via different channels;
      • verifying and updating data; and
      • recording interactions on a range of internal information systems.


      To be eligible for the Evergreen Indigenous advancement program you must be able to provide written evidence that you:

      • are of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
      • identify as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
      • are accepted as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in the community in which you live or have lived
      • are an Australian citizen (section 22 of the Public Service Act 1999 requires APS employees to be Australian citizens).
      • be able to provide evidence to support your eligibility
      • undergo a criminal history records check.

      Recruitment process

      The Job application process is designed to test the ability of candidates to effectively complete the duties of the job.

      There are a number of stages to the process.

      Stage 1: Apply online

      You can apply online. You will receive an email confirming you have lodged your online application.

      Your electronic application will be initially assessed on the basis of your answers to the application questions and any required documents you need to submit.

      Once your application has been assessed you will receive an email advising you if you have met the requirements to move to the next step of the recruitment process.

      Stage 2: Assessment activities and interview

      If you are successful in moving to the next stage you will be invited to participate in our assessment events.

      We use a mix of assessment methods to assess your application. This may include activities such as:

      • an online cognitive ability assessment
      • a computer skills assessment
      • an online activity designed to assess the skills, behaviours and competencies that lead to good job performance
      • a face-to-face structured interview designed to assess your suitability and interest in the ATO and the Evergreen program.


      As part of the program you will receive a variety of training activities. These include:

      • group discussions
      • training workshops
      • on-the-job training
      • research assignments or projects
      • self-assessment
      • case study and scenario analysis.

      Professional skills training

      The professional skills learning component introduces you to our environment, work and people. We will provide you with professional development opportunities to help you work effectively in the ATO and the public service.

      Technical training

      In addition to completing work placements, you will be given technical training.

      Technical training has been selected for its relevance to the work rotation placements you are likely to undertake during the program and where you may work after the program.

      Our people

      Read about the experiences of recent participants and what attracted them to the ATO Evergreen Indigenous advancement program.

      Rebecca Milgate Rebecca Milgate Testimonial Pic 

      I’m originally from Byron Bay and previously worked for ANZ Bank before completing a few different certificates in Financial Services and then moving onto a Diploma in Financial Planning. I joined a financial planning firm as a paraplanner before moving to Brisbane and applying for the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program.

      I was looking for an organisation that could give me the opportunity to progress and develop my career. The ATO and the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program provides that.

      One of the highlights of this program is the friendships that have formed between all the program participants. Our fortnightly training and networking allowed us to really get to know each other as well as support and learn from each other.

      My first rotation was in a Communications Officer role in Community Engagement and Marketing team. My current rotation is in ATO People working in Learning and Development.

      In both of these roles I have been exposed to a variety of both interesting and challenging work, which has opened up career pathways that I would have never considered before. Being exposed to different areas of the ATO has shown me the many possibilities and opportunities available to me in my future career at the ATO.

      The program is a great way to begin a career with the ATO.

      Graham AndersonGraham Anderson headshot 

      I am an Aboriginal Worimi man from the mid north coast of NSW. After completing year 12 in 2005, I went on to further study, successfully obtaining my Cert III and IV

      The Evergreen Indigenous advancement program offered a family orientated work lifestyle along with training to support my career in the Australian Public Service (APS).

      One of the standout events during the program was the Indigenous forum, which effected change by highlighting how to improve co-operation for all workers. The forum was also a great way to make network connections across the APS.

      At the completion of the EIAP, I will be promoted to an APS3. I would like to continue my current role in compliance as it’s such a broad area, allowing me to work with a number of different teams. In the next two years I aim to progress my career, undertake further tertiary studies, and start a family.

      My advice to any future applicants is to be proactive. When I started the program, I knew little of the organisation, but during my time I have been guided by my peers, program managers and a drive to pursue my goals. The opportunities are only limited by your ambitions.

      Tabitha MartinTabitha Martin headshot 

      I worked in the Finance Industry for a number of years before deciding to work from home to spend quality time with my young child. Although I enjoyed working from home I began to miss being part of a team within a larger organisation.

      I thought the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program would be the perfect opportunity to get back into the corporate environment while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I received a letter of offer and although I knew it would be challenging, I could not wait to start my new career with the ATO.

      I have been lucky enough to work in two very different areas of the ATO which has given me greater exposure to the organisation. My first rotation was within Active Compliance in Superannuation. There I was required to review and audit self-managed super funds. I found this role very rewarding, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment knowing I was contributing to the bigger picture. I am currently working in Marketing and Communications where I have been given the opportunity to deliver a communications project. This has been very beneficial in developing new skills.

      There have been many benefits entering the ATO through the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program, but the support that I have received from not only my peers but my program manager has been second to none. I would not hesitate in recommending the program to anyone looking at kick starting their career in a diverse yet supportive organisation.

      Lana RoddLana Rodd headshot 

      Before joining the ATO through the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program, I had completed my Cert III & IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Primary Health Care but soon realised that field of work wasn’t suited to me. By chance I came across the ATO Indigenous Advancement Program while looking for a new job.

      I was a bit apprehensive at first about applying as I didn’t have a lot of knowledge of the tax system. The application process seemed a little overwhelming, however there was always support either a phone call or email away.

      What attracted me to the program was the fact you weren’t required to have any previous knowledge of the tax system to apply. I also really wanted to build a career for myself to help me achieve my life goals, not just a mundane job. This program offers stability, flexible working conditions and a great starting pay rate.

      Coming into the ATO has been great experience for me, the training is excellent and the trainers are very supportive and always available when needed.

      Within the first three months of working at the ATO, I recruited a few program members to help organise a site event to recognise National Reconciliation Week. We took the opportunity to share a bit about our culture in the spirit of reconciliation, which was well received and appreciated by fellow colleagues both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

      Since then I have been involved in speaking at the first Western Australian State and Federal Public Service Indigenous Employment Network hosted at the ATO, which was a great experience and networking opportunity.

      My advice to future applicants would be to keep an open mind, stay positive and be open to change. Although the training may seem intense at the start it’s good preparation for your role. Be confident and take every opportunity that comes your way.

      Lilli HooperLillian Hooper Headshot 

      Being part of the Evergreen Indigenous Advancement Program has allowed me to develop professionally and personally. I was drawn to the program as a way to grow my skills and earn a Certificate III in Government.

      The work was initially daunting; but I had support through every step of my development. I have found if you take ownership of your own education by asking questions and expressing what you are interested in, you will get the opportunity to learn so much, and be involved in interesting work.

      The celebration of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage within the program has been a highlight. Our group had the opportunity to assist in the planning of our local National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) celebrations, which allowed us to demonstrate our culture and background to others.

      I aspire to be the manager of a team in the future, so I can be a large part of helping staff with their development and providing support. The best thing is that with the development opportunities available in the ATO, this aspiration does not seem out of reach at all.


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      Where can I go to find out more about the ATO?

      For more information see the About us section or go to the ATO website.

      Do I have to be an Australian citizen to work for the ATO?

      To be eligible for employment in the ATO, you must be an Australian citizen at the time you commence with the ATO or a current ongoing APS employee.

      Can I lodge a late application?

      Generally late applications are not accepted. If your circumstances are unique you can email us at Entry level programs.

      I submitted my online application but have not received an acknowledgement?

      You should first check if one was sent by logging on to e-Recruitment, and clicking on My Profile then My Emails. If your acknowledgement is not shown, email ATO entry level programs.

      Can I make changes to my application after I lodge it?

      You are able to log into e-Recruitment and update your personal details at any time. However, you cannot change other details in your application such as your employment and education history, your statement detailing your claims to the positions, or your site preferences (if relevant to the vacancy in question). If there are significant issues that affect the information in your application, you should email Entry level programs.

      What's involved in a criminal history records check?

      It is a condition of employment in the ATO that you agree to have a criminal history records check. You'll be asked to provide information about yourself and to give us the right to check any information you provide with relevant authorities such as the Australian Federal Police.