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      When you choose a career with us, you are joining a world-class tax and superannuation (super) administration focused on keeping our revenue system fair and progressive for all Australians.

      Responsibility for Australia’s tax and super systems may be our area of speciality, but that doesn’t mean we only hire accountants. As part of a large organisation, you will have the opportunity to work in a range of areas, from customer service to law, information technology and more.

    • What we do

      We are the Australian Government’s principal revenue collection agency. We aim to manage and shape the revenue systems that lead to social and economic policy, and to fund services for Australians.

      We manage revenue through a range of collection systems, including income tax, goods and services tax (GST), super and excise. We administer a range of benefits and refunds, including income tax and GST refunds, excise grants, family tax benefits and the super guarantee.

      We also address broader issues affecting Australia’s revenue systems, such as aggressive tax planning, persistent tax debtors, globalisation and the cash economy.

      For more information on the ATO's structure, refer to Our organisation 

      We're all about diverse career opportunities. As a large organisation, we can offer you an amazing breadth of career opportunities to help you reach your ultimate career destination. We are looking for employees who have the drive and initiative to seize opportunities for career and personal development.

      We offer a range of opportunities in areas such as audit, finance, accounting, legal, economics, analytics, information technology, human resources, design, marketing and communication.

      Our organisation

      ATO structure

      The ATO is divided into three main areas: Compliance Group, People, Systems and Services Group, and the Law Design and Practice Group.

      These groups are further divided into business lines. Each line focuses on a type of taxpayer such as small business/individual taxpayers or private groups and high wealth individuals, a category of tax such as indirect tax, or an aspect of internal support such as enterprise solutions and technology.

      Compliance Group

      Our Compliance Group helps to create an environment that promotes high levels of voluntary compliance with tax and super laws, including access to entitlements, at a minimum cost to taxpayers.

      Some of the business and service lines you may work in are:

      • Indirect Tax
      • Private Groups and High Wealth Individuals
      • Public Groups and International
      • Tax Practitioner, Lodgment Strategy and Compliance Support
      • Small Business/Individual Taxpayers
      • Smarter Data
      • Superannuation.

      People, Systems and Services Group

      Our People, Systems and Services Group creates the right environment including systems for our staff as well as assisting customers to meet their obligations and make it as easy as possible for people to interact with us.

      Some of the business and service lines you may work in are:

      • ATO Corporate
      • ATO Finance
      • ATO People
      • Organisation Realignment
      • Business Reporting and Registrations
      • Enterprise Solutions and Technology
      • Service Delivery Support
      • Client Account Services
      • Customer Service and Solutions
      • Debt

      Law, Design and Practice Group

      Our Law, Design and Practice Group is responsible for the interpretation of tax and super laws and manages relationships with our staff, the government and other government agencies.

      Some of the business and service lines you may work in are:

      • Integrated Tax Design
      • Review and Dispute Resolution
      • Tax Counsel Network.

      For more information on our groups and business lines, refer to the organisational structure in Our Executive.

      Meet our Commissioners



      Duration 2mins 05secs. A transcript of Commissioners' Welcome is also available.

      Commissioners' statement 2014-18

      The Australian Taxation Office has set out on a path of reinvention. This journey over the next few years focuses us on changing how we operate to better meet the needs and expectations of the community.

      We have created a dedicated program for transforming the client experience while we continue to deliver high-quality customer service.

      This year we released a new statement of our vision, mission and values and purposefully selected and delivered some initiatives to signal the genuine commitment to change.

      Read more about our journey of reinvention in the ATOCorporate Plan 2014-18.

      Our locations

      We are one of the largest public service employers in Australia. We are located in all capital cities and regional locations across the county such as Albury, Townsville and Newcastle. We do not offer entry level programs in all our locations. Check the job documentation or application form before applying to find out where we are offering programs.