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    • Commissioners' Welcome - transcript

      Neil Olesen

      Working in the tax office means making a difference for the community. It’s about running a really important system that is at the heart of Australia. That’s part of the fabric our society. A critical part.

      Sue Sinclair

      We are reinventing both the work that we do and changing the culture so that we can give taxpayers, clients, the community as a whole, the best tax experience we possibly can.

      Jacqui Curtis

      I think where else would you want to work in the Public Service. This is a big, complex, diverse organisation full of challenges and opportunities. That’s what working in the ATO means to me.

      Chris Jordan

      We are so diverse in the activities that we actually do so there is tremendous opportunity to have various careers within one career here at the ATO.

      Dashy - Graduate

      We have an opportunity to work with talented people from across the ATO and offer fresh perspectives to the way that we’re working.

      Geoff Leeper

      We want graduates to help us reshape the organisation. Both in the graduate year but also as they become part of the ATO going forward.

      John- Graduate

      I was attracted to the grad program due to the vast array of opportunities. Opportunities to work in Canberra, work in Melbourne. Work all across Australia.

      Andrew Mills

      We’re looking for people who will challenge what we do and ask ‘why’ and contribute to saying, ‘we can do something different, we can do something better, I know what success looks like and we’re going to drive towards that.’

      Nikki - Graduate

      I’m really enjoying the opportunities that you’re given on the graduate program. I’m really enjoying that you’re getting to do things that you probably wouldn’t get to do if you weren’t a graduate.

      Frances Cawthra

      I think grads are critical because what they’ll do is bring fresh eyes. They’ll be able to question, they’ll be able to look at things and say, ‘why would you do that’ or ‘that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense in this environment’.

      Chris Jordan

      They have the ability to shape a major institution in the Australian Public Service in Australia.